Styrofoam Air Channels Ensure Cool Interior.

This picture shows the placement of venting channels. This venting helps to reduce heat in summer.

The venting, along with insulation, allow the homeowner to store seed and fertilizers in the shed. High heat and humidity can ruin these expensive yard materials.

The venting also prevents moisture damage to the shed.

No Shortcuts: Jack & King Studs As Needed.

This picture shows the framing I used to construct this shed.

I use commonly accepted building code in all framing.

Sheds donít have to follow strict code but what's the point in saving a couple of dollars now and paying for repairs later?

This shed will look the same in forty years no problem.

Exterior Is Housewrapped.

Once again this shed is protected from moisture with building paper. What type building paper makes little difference to me, as long as it is overlapped properly.

If you look closely you will see the outline of a large set of doors under the paper. I left the paper over the opening because strong thunderstorms were expected that evening, providing temporary water protection.

Ready for Shingles.

The flashing is installed and the roofing felt is laid down. The temporary 2 by 4s will keep me from slipping off the roof while shingling.
Interior is Varnished and Painted.

Wow, look at the interior of this shed.

Iíve seen a lot of houses that are not this nice!

The entire interior was sheeted with exterior grooved siding. Floor, walls and ceiling were treated with finish products including paints and varnish.

Look at those nice little pendant lights hanging there too.

Built-In Sound System.

I custom fitted these speakers into standard siding materials. I also wired the speakers before the interior was finished for a very professional job.

I like to do things that are uncommon in my construction. Thank you to homeowners willing to try new things!


Storage Loft and Built-In Fluorescent Light.

This picture shows a very handy loft.

The floor of the loft is clip lock flooring. The underside of the loft is exterior siding. Again we varnished this surface to enhance the natural wood look in this shed.

I customized a recessed lighting fixture to increase headroom. I used a drop ceiling light fixture, which I flush mounted to the exterior siding. I framed the fixture with exterior siding to create the look you see here. Only five eights of an inch were lost from headroom. Nice.

Vinyl Stone Siding Is the Final Touch.

I can do real stone but we used stone siding here.

I love how this looks on the shed.

This whole shed is top of the line work and materials. I realize not all sheds will be this nice but I take pride in my work no matter what direction the homeowner wishes to take.


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