Kitchen Remodeling  
A Custom Waste Basket Fits Right In.

As I was working on a "honey-do" list for the homeowner, she asked if I could do something to "pretty-up" her ugly gray waste basket.

Here's the result: it hinges from the top to make it easy to throw things away (and the cover keeps offensive smells hidden as well). It also hinges from the front to make it easy to take out the trash.

I used left over scraps of the laminate flooring used on the kitchen floor.

Replace Drywall Breakfast Bar Back with Flooring to Match Kitchen.

She also wanted to know if I had any idea what to do about a problem with the breakfast bar. The builder had finished it with painted drywall. When people sat at the stools the drywall would get scuffed up and dirty.

My solution: mount left over kitchen flooring on the drywall. It matches everything else, and what better material to take scuffing than a floor?

The Old Tile Has to Go.

The homeowner decided it was time for a change. The floor tile shown here is in good shape with no cracking and had good grout too.

The homeowner decided to replace it with hard wood flooring. This became one of the big parts of remodeling this kitchen.

Traditional 1980s Kitchen.

This picture shows the counter and backsplash used in a 1980 remodel of this kitchen.

I did not do the 1980 remodeling of this kitchen. I remodeled it in March and April of 2008.

Old Kitchen.

This wall had a great deal of change.

I made a new replacement cabinet for the tall cabinet you see here. I removed all the rest of the cabinets. I moved those cabinets to another position in the kitchen.

I moved the refrigerator to where the cabinets were. The cabinets I moved had to be altered to fit the new position.

The waterline for the refrigerator had to be moved to the new position as well.

Wallpaper Needs to Be Stripped.

The old wallpaper was a watermelon seed print. Wow... I didnít even know they used to make that.

It all had to go and it was everywhere.

Small drywall repairs where made after removal of the paper.

Tearing Up the Old Floor Was Harder Than Expected.

The old floor was in good shape for a reason: there was nails every five to six inches apart. Thatís pretty normal for nailing pattern, however the nails where driven into 1 inch thick layer of plywood which really grabbed well.

The result was very small chunks of removed floor. The guy who put in the tile floor gets an A+ for his work. Another surprise was a layer of vinyl flooring underneath the tile. This became an extra in labor cost to homeowner. I hate when that happens but construction is filled with surprises and you need to be flexible to the job needs.

Down to Bare Plywood.

This picture shows the floor is now removed. Three days of hard work later it is finally gone.

The tile cut right through my leather gloves twice on this floor removal.

I had to control the dust by covering the door to the room.

Most Floors Need to Be Patched Level.

I tried to be very careful with the sub floor--for the most part I was successful. The glue underneath the tile floor held better in the high traffic area of the doorway.

I did damage the top ply of the plywood here so patching was needed.

All remaining glue was scraped and sanded off the sub floor.

Prepping for New Backsplash.

The drywall here was damaged so it was removed.

The cabinets have not been removed yet as you can see.

I removed them before I replaced the sheetrock.

Cutting the Floor to Run Plumbing.

I had to cut the floor for my plumber to get the waterline run to the new refrigerator position.

After the plumbing was done extra framing was installed to support these cut areas.

I cut the floor because it was already under construction. The other option was to cut into the drywall ceiling below the floor. The homeowner and I decided that would be really stupid.

Stud Guards Protect Plumbing.

Stud guards keep this pipe extra safe from nails that might come its way.

The same holds true for electrical wires. If you're not sure then stud guard it.


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