Custom Garage Workspaces  
Storage Galore.

Garages are catchall areas of houses. So let's get organized and put things in their places.

The problem is, "What if these items donít have places?"

These big cabinets are ideal for handling your storage needs. I used exterior siding to make these big cabinets.

A large and roomy eight-foot tall cabinet will meet or exceed your storage needs.

Upright Storage with Doors & Shelves.

I used maximum dimension capacity to make these shelves.

Sheets of particleboard were cut in half lengthwise for shelves. Sheets of exterior siding were cut the same for the doors and cabinet sides.

I hate to waste the precious commodity of wood.

Storage tubs keep things clean and dry in these cabinets.

Custom Doors & Drawers.

Custom drawers made tuff will handle those years of collected hardware, paint, chemicals, and general household use products.

Special cabinets with adjustable shelves will hold all your power tools.

These doors were cut to a size to function properly. The garage door tracks are right above them.

This was not foreseen in planning and was a change in plan during construction.

Heavy Duty Glides Ensure Lifetime Performance.

This picture shows a drawer pulled ĺ out with little sag.

The contents of this drawer were drywall tools and products.

I felt it would represent the typical load that would be needed by these drawers.

These are nice inexpensive drawers with plenty of room.

A Home for All Those Small Garage Items Under the Stairwell.

This picture shows another under stairs closet that I made.

Storage for paints and stains, lawn supplies and tools, and a multitude of other items can be stored in this insulated closet area.

These shelves are completely full of items that usually just set on the floor somewhere.

Replace the Builder's Cheap Stairs with Something More Upscale.

Most builders just make a cheap set of stairs into the garage.

The stairs take room from the garages square footage.

Here the homeowner can reclaim some of this area with simple storage, and even have room for an upright freezer. Nice!

Scrap Flooring makes a Beautiful Finish.

I used clip lock flooring to finish the risers and all framing.

The three doors were made from oak ply the homeowner had on site.

I reused the nicest section of a removed piece of carpet to finish the steps and landing.

Labor was the main cost of this improvement. Maybe you have some of those type materials around your home.


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