Custom Craft Room/Guest Room  
A Drab Basement Space Transformed.

I can take your unfinished basement to the finish you desire.

I recommended a drop ceiling finish for this room. There were several runs of water lines, heating and air conditioning ducts and a drainpipe in this ceiling. Always plan ahead in construction you will save yourself money by allowing access to vital house utilities. If you do not plan ahead you will end up paying for repairs that cost even more then the utilities repairs.

I remember a lot of work in my remodeling that did not have access to the utilities and what a burden it adds to the budget.

Special Framing on Load-Bearing Wall for New Doorway.

The yellow highlighting shows the position for a door opening.

Construction on any bearing wall needs careful consideration. The door opening was put in just to the right of the triple stud supporting the stairwell.

The open framing made this construction choice easy. Walls that are already finished are harder to tackle.

Entry to Craft Room Wraps Under the Stairs.

Modern construction technique favors maximum use of space. Angles and curves are also common to modern construction.

This busy area takes advantage of some of those construction techniques.

The area under the stairs was made into a closet. Notice the door to the closet is placed to just fit under the stairs. This was good for two reasons. First, I did not have to cut off the door. Second, it maximized the hall space allowed.

A Bright & Cheerful Craft Room.

This picture is taken after all furniture has been placed.

You can see there is a lot of working area in this room.

The room also serves as guest bedroom number two for this house.

This multi function room had the floor space to make this happen. Donít you think this room has warmth? Wow!

View into the Guest Room with Day Bed.

This picture shows the guest bedroom part of the craft room.

Through the door in the corner is the electrical closet.

A daybed, two chairs, and a small heater that looks like a fireplace make the guest area comfortable and warm.

Closet Under the Stairwell Maximizes Storage Space.

Who doesnít need storage in their home?

Storage space is one of the most neglected items in housing today--so finding areas to make into storage has to be very creative.

Stairs are notorious for dead spaces and this makes them perfect for storage areas. I put a single shelf and a four foot long closet pole in this closet.

I also installed a light fixture to the ceiling of this closet. I used a low profile flush mount light because of headroom.

A Closet with Nooks & Crannies.

I am showing this closet from a different angle to show it goes well under the stairs.

The ceiling sloped down to the bottom of the steps. The lowest point is just sixteen inches from the floor, reducing the dead space to almost nothing.

I realize this is not a huge storage area but it does what it needed to and more.

Custom Wall Mount Triangle for TV.

The homeowner wanted the TV in the corner. This corner unit was necessary to provide the room for the TV.

The corner unit also provides a shelf for the subwoofer.

Typical colors for the room were used to finish this unit. The unit fits right in the corner so a wire chase was left in the back of the unit.

Flat Panel TV with Articulated Arm.

The articulated arm allows the homeowner to turn the TV more to the crafting area.

Now you can work and watch your favorite show from any area of the room.

The TV also tips up or down with this type articulated arm.

Craft Table Created from File Cabinets.

The homeowner had four file cabinets all the same. They wanted a crafting table made from the files and a countertop they had purchased.

They also wanted a place to hang the assortment of jewelry beads big enough to be clearly seen.

The picture shows the finished product.

(Funny story: You never would've guessed the homeowner had to take a chainsaw to the wall. He had to chop a large hole where the peg wall and bookcase are so NFM could deliver the gift wrapping center. It wouldn't fit through the door, so he cut a hole through the drywall and 2x4s.

He said he wouldn't have done it if I wasn't around--he knew he could trust me to "fix it" for him.

I scabbed in some 2x4's, patched it and repainted it. You can't even tell where it was!)


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