Basement Rec Room  
A Plan Gets Us Started.

Placing scaled furniture in a graphed drawing will tell you a lot about how much you can do with a room.

Placement of switches and plugs can be determined in the same process as well as heating and air conditioning vents.

Framing Around the I Beam.

The framing for this ceiling was done so it maximized ceiling vault capacity. The framing enclosed the I-beam and the cold air return ductwork.

The soffit ran around exterior of ceiling. Can lights and vents were run inside the soffits at strategic locations.

Time to Get Rockin'.

I sheet rock my own work and finish it too.

I have a lot of experience in this kind of work, including new construction as well as repairs. Who would be better to frame your project then the guy who will sheet rock it? Who would be better to finish the sheetrock then the guy who will paint it?

The answer is obvious: a technician capable of taking a job start to finish.

Raw Stone in Boxes Ready for Installation.

All the stone was special order. The stone was ordered as soon as I started the project. Two weeks is generally the delivery time.

I drew an outline of the fireplace on butcher paper taped to the floor. The owner and I dry-arranged he stone on the template. When we liked the pattern, I installed the stone.

I personally love the way stone looks on walls or around fireplaces. Stone is a timeless addition to any room or surface.

Beautiful Stonework Complements the Fireplace.

This picture shows the custom fireplace work done on this rec room.

I handcrafted a custom mantel made from a log section right off the homeowner's property.

Half-inch thick slate was used for the hearth.

The fireplace is a gas fireplace. Firebricks and logs where purchased extras for authentic looks of a real fireplace. A remote control was also purchased and  installed for this fireplace.

A removable cedar trim allows the homeowner to be able to remove and repair fireplace should any future problems arise with the fireplace equipment.

Sawing the Fireplace Mantel.

This picture shows the rough cutting of the mantel from a tree trunk on the homeowner's property.

The entire milling finish and installation process was a first for me personally but I love the results.

The light fixtures of the room were chosen to match the mantel.

The Finished Mantel.

After all the milling, shaping and sanding, seven coats of high gloss polyurethane were wet sanded and buffed to make wood shine like glass.
Aromatic Red Cedar Wainscot.

Cedar closet liner was used to wainscot the two longest walls of this room.

The cedar closet smell is greatly reduced by the size of this room but it is pleasantly present. This wood has really beautiful contrast in it if you look closely.

Custom Dart Board Cabinet.

A custom dartboard cabinet was made from materials used in construction of the rec room.

These little extra touches go a long way towards making a room awesome.

I can make your custom ideas take shape.

Corner Dinette and Contrasting Wall Color.

I assembled the dinette and table in this picture. I also assembled the gaming table and stools for the mini casino. I have assembled many different types of furniture and have become quite proficient at it.

I also used these two contrasting colors to marble paint the theater that brings the two rooms together like one.

The darker wall is common to both rooms and was used as accent wall.

The lighter color was used as wall color for the rec room. Notice the beautiful Hickory hardwood floor... wow, that wood has character!

Curved Opening Lets You Enjoy the Flick from the Rec Room.

This picture is taken from the far wall of the Rec Room looking at the movie screen. Viewers still have a good picture from anywhere in two rooms.

If the homeowner would turn up that awesome sound system I could hear it at my house!

Quality is everything!

Game Table After Assembly.

This is the game table and stools mentioned before, purchased from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Other items in the picture that get honorable mention are the coat hooks and the light fixtures.

Coat hooks were installed just to the side of the sliding glass door.

The light fixture, purchased from Menards, is a log slice with deer antler holding the light socket and light shade.

Game Table Has Reversible Top.

There were several different games with this gaming table and they all easily inter change quickly.

The tabletop makes a nice eating area for four.

A Custom Cubby-Hole for a Fridge and Microwave.

The homeowner needed a place for beverages near the theater room. This small alcove fit the need perfectly.

An outlet was put in the back of the alcove.

A microwave was stacked on top of the mini refrigerator so that food could be cooked here also.

A Nice Soffit Hides the I-Beam and Duct Work.

This picture shows the rest of the soffits in the Rec Room. The soffits even angled across the fireplace wall.

The cut offs from the wainscot were used to accent the vault of this ceiling. I hate to waste wood materials!

Using the cedar cut offs provided a classy look with minimal waste.

Notice the light fixture yet again has the log look that we repeated here and there.

Before and After.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is one of those pictures.

Good planning, quality materials and quality workmanship made this project really great.

Just imagine how this has improved the resale value of the home. Which would you prefer to show a prospective buyer? The "before" with a remark "gee, maybe you could do a nice rec room down here," or the eye-popping "after?"


04/23/2008 05:36 PM
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