OK, so we're havin' some fun here. In my spare time I hand-craft a few special items that you can buy on eBay. Call me if you want it customized in some way...
Dart Board Case
Here's a compact little wall-saver: a sturdy case for your dart board. This one is finished with real cedar planks, but could easily be made in any kind of beautiful wood finish.
Tilt-Out Kitchen Wastebasket
This handy wastebasket hides a Rubbermaid trash receptacle inside. Easy access either through the top by lifting the hinged lid, or slid the trash out by pulling out the hinged front. I built this using leftover fooring scraps to match the homeowner's kitchen.
  Stained Glass
Bring the luminescent beauty of stained glass into your living space in unexpected ways.
I can help you incorporate art into your living space creatively.
  Custom Furniture
Got an idea for a custom bookcase, organization shelf unit, coffee table or other item? I'm your man: I can build most anything.

03/10/2012 10:33 PM
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