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Our on-site work area includes Omaha, Blair, Bellevue, Fort Calhoun, Bennington and Elkhorn.
Home Building & General Contracting

I have worked on projects from start to finish. I have helped with design and layouts of floor plans. I have hands on experience in all forms of construction, including: electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and concrete or masonry work. I mention these specific construction areas because I will always sub-contract these types of work. I am not licensed to do electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. But having worked in all these areas really comes in handy when planning a project. I have a very creative and artistic approach to construction. I can make beautiful results inexpensively. [more]

I have made many sheds since I started working construction. The shed shown above is my most creative one to date. It features a barn look. It is fully insulated. It has an electrical system. It has a sound system incorporated into the eaves. It has a loft storage area. This shed is extra stout, sheeted inside and out. The exterior has a wonderful appearance as well as the inside. We really knocked this one out of the park. [more]
Custom Media Room

This homeowner is really into his "hi-fi" system. Look at those speakers in the final shot: they look like something Darth Vader would have. And that thing the size of a refrigerator lying between them? It's a subwoofer. That thing can shake the shingles off your roof!

Anyways, he wanted the room over his garage converted into a dedicated listening room. Leading up to the existing room is a stairwell, and he wanted a hole knocked in his wall between the room and the stairwell so he could have a built-in equipment rack. (He says it improves the sound.)

Other things on his list:

  • 5 built-in drawers,
  • a riser in the back of the room,
  • special supports for 4" thick "bass panels" to improve the room's sound,
  • a hidden 125" diagonal drop-down projection screen,
  • a custom housing for his projector (to view all the music he keeps on a PC),
  • built-in wiring chases to hide all the wires connecting everything together, and
  • an "up-scale" gentleman's study appearance without the cost of solid oak library panel construction.

This last requirement was a challenge. Normally, library panel construction is done with a solid dimensional oak lattice surrounding solid oak raised panels. This looks great (like a big-city court room) BUT easily runs $10+ sq ft, or about $7,000 to cover the walls in a room this size.

How I Saved the Owner $6,000
We went with a lower-cost alternative: I replaced the solid oak mullions with strips of  3/4" oak plywood and I replaced the solid oak raised panels with 4x8 sheets of "leatherette" paneling from Menards. Cost? About $1.25 sq ft, or about $820 in a room this size.

Does it look the same as Victorian oak library panel?

No. It looks different, but it still looks n-i-c-e (at least I think so).

He says his wife never comments on how good the 125" movie picture looks, but keeps gushing over "how beautiful the room is." Works for me! [more]

Custom Home Theater

Right now in-home theaters are a hot item to add to your home. I have already done a very intense home theater project. This theater has a lot of really nice features:
  • A 106-inch diagonal fixed frame screen from Elite screens.
  • Two rows of genuine theater seating for comfortable viewing pleasure. These are the same seats used in Q Cinema 9 in Omaha.
  • All the speaker and projector wires and cables were run in the walls.
  • It has built-in electronic equipment shelves.
  • There are small built-in shelves for the remote controls.
  • This theater also has a short half wall built between seating rows with a shelf top for refreshments.

The options for home theaters are really starting to take big business interest so I look forward to many new and innovative advancements in this type of construction. [more]

Basement Rec Room

A recreation room is the perfect addition to a home with teenage kids. This recreation room features a beautiful stone-faced fireplace. Cedar planks were used as wainscot. Hickory flooring with light colored stain was used to contrast the wainscot.
Paint colors were picked to closely match the various materials colors. The results are an amazing recreation room. [more]
Custom Craft Room/Guest Room

This room is so handy it will work for any home. The main purpose for this room is for crafting. The homeowner enjoys making custom jewelry, and this room is tailored for just that purpose. The homeowner wanted easy access to her materials so we designed a work area to fit her needs. Anyone who does crafting knows it takes a lot of storage. Making a closet under the steps maximized storage area. Also prefabricated drawers were used to make the worktable's base. Prefabricated shelves were added to one corner for even more storage. A day bed was added to the room so guests could be hosted in this room. A custom wall-mounted flat screen (with articulated mount) was installed over a gas fireplace to finish off the guest aspect of this room. The warmth of this room is awesome. [more]
Custom Garage Workspaces

Does your garage catch all the stuff you donít know where to store? Then you probably have stuff get in the way all the time. Clutter can damage your car. Plan a garage storage and workspace improvement for your home. I really can help you on this one, folks. I am the worlds most notorious pack rat. I have learned how to conserve and use space well. [more]

Bathroom Remodeling One of the most necessary useful home improvements is bathroom remodeling. Tile work is one of the most popular bathroom features. I love to do tile work. I have tiled showers, tubs, spas, floors, walls and even garden paths. I also have experience in linoleum flooring. I have experience in installing bathroom fixtures. One of my favorite bathroom improvements is a skylight. Skylights really are a wonderful extra to any room.
Kitchen Remodeling

One of the most useful necessary home improvements is kitchen remodeling. A kitchen might be out of date: too small, too dark, too little storage space or provides no eating area. The reasons are numerous why a kitchen should be remodeled. The materials and fixtures are even more numerous. I am well trained in this type work. I worked with my father remodeling our home kitchen when I was twelve years old. I did not do a lot of hands-on work back then but it did spark my interest in this and other construction work. [more]

Landscaping Not all home improvements are in the home. Location and curb appeal are very important to the resale of real estate. Landscaping can make or break a real estate deal. A vast number of projects and materials are available to a homeowner in this area. The rewards from landscaping home improvements compliment your home and your community.
Decks I have more experience in deck building than any other construction. Deck construction and landscaping really need to be planned together. Decks need maintenance to insure long life. I can provide all these services as well.

Recently I put a goldfish pond in the back yard of one of my home construction projects.
This project featured a pond heater for winter conditions, waterfall, and rock path around the edge. I used a polyvinyl material to line the pond. Flat rocks were used to hold the polyvinyl in place. A submerged pump makes the waterfall flow. Lilly pads were placed in the pond for natural look and various plants around the edge do the same. The deep end of the pond was about three feet deep. The water is treated with anti-algae chemicals to reduce water clouding. [more]


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